Nuclear Operations

Implementing Aurum Technologies’ augmented reality system and artificial intelligence within your nuclear operations will increase human performance, decrease error and downtime, and increase safety.  Give your operators remote access to all the points of interest in your facility with a hands-free way to perform procedures, and watch your efficiency skyrocket.

Hands Free Procedure System

Hands Free Procedure System

Aurum offers a Hands-Free way to carry out procedures used in nuclear operations. Step tracking, using the circle/slash method, can be performed in a secure, efficient, virtual environment. Because the procedure system is a shared environment, everyone on the job uses the same procedure even while seeing it in their own Hololens2 headset. Procedures are Date & Time stamped and saved after every edit.
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Connect Operators to Facility Points of Interest

Connect Operators to Facility Points of Interest

Every nuclear facility has equipment, items, and instrumentation that needs to be watched and maintained. With Aurum, your nuclear operators can be connected to those points of interest at all times. Whether through the use of the Hololens2 HUD, or through our desktop portal, your operators will be able to see those important articles that keep your facility running and read them at a glance or flick of a wrist.
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Hands Free Facility Rounds & Surveillances

Hands Free Facility Rounds and Surveillances

Aurum provides your nuclear operators with amazingly efficient ways to record and document your facility data. Using simple hand gestures or voice commands, all rounds and routine surveillances can be documented, hands free and paper free, in seconds. That data can then be displayed in whatever format your facility needs to keep your operators aware of facility conditions.
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Lock Out Tag Out


Aurum offers a better way to perform LOTO. Using our ability to locate your facility points of interest, your operators can be led to the correct isolation point every time you perform a LOTO. When combined with a digital twin of your facility, the Aurum LOTO system can highlight your facility systems as well, giving your operators increased knowledge and awareness of facility systems.
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Aurum Assist

Aurum Assist bridges the communication and location gap between subject matter experts and field-deployed professionals.  With the flick of a wrist, or simple click of a mouse, you can connect to any of your field-deployed personnel to help them in the field.  You can see through their eyes and they can communicate with you, providing help and expertise effortlessly.  In fact, you can even interact with the Hololens field of view from your desktop, highlighting or pointing to specific items your technician is looking at.  Aurum Assist is a revolutionary way to keep your team running smoothly and efficiently.

Built-In Safety

Multiple safety solution bundles are available to meet all your industrial safety needs.

  • Lenses are ANSI Z71 Safety Glass
  • Side Shields Available
  • Hard Hat Attachment
  • Extended Life Batteries
  • Communications Through Aurum Network
  • Management Assistance Through Aurum Network