Radiation Safety

Aurum Technologies Radiation Safety Application

Aurum Technologies Radiation Safety Application is specifically designed for Radiation Safety Professionals to use in the field.  With connection to all instrumentation around your team, the ability to set both facility and personal alarm setpoints, easy and efficient survey documentation, and access to procedures, Aurum will increase the efficiency, capability, and human performance of your team.

Wireless Connection to Instrumentation including Facility and Personal Alarm Setpoints

Wireless Connection and Adjustable Alarm Setpoints

Aurum Technologies connects your RCT/HPTs to all the instrumentation in your facility. It also gives your Supervisors the ability to set facility alarm setpoints and your Technicians the ability to set their own, personal, alarm setpoints. With these features, your techs will know what's going on throughout your facility at a mere glance. They can PREVENT alarms from occurring in the facility and respond more efficiently and effectively if an alarm does happen.
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Easy and Efficient Survey Documentation

Easy and Efficient Survey Documentation

The Aurum Survey System is a revolutionary way to document radiological surveys. Easy to use hand gestures and voice commands allow RCT/HPTs to leave data points in the virtual environment where surveys were performed. At the end of the survey, the technician uses a simple voice command to record and save the survey. It is then dropped into your current map system for quick, easy, accurate, and efficient recording.

Hands-Free Documentation

Hands-Free Documentation

Aurum's Document Viewer allows your RCT/HPT to have access to all your procedures wherever they're standing. With a couple simple hand gestures, procedures can be viewed, set to follow the tech, and even filled out! No more guessing, no more wondering, no more time away from the jobsite while we figure out the requirements. Simple, efficient, and easy.
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Activity, Dose, and Isodose Line Calculation

Activity, Dose, and Isodose Line Calculation

Remove the guesswork from radiation field calculations. With Aurum's Dose calculator, you can input the dose rate at your location, pick an isotope (or group of isotopes), place a virtual source, and the activity of the source, the contact dose rate, the 1R/hr isodose line, the 100mR/hr isodose line, and the 5mR/hr isodose line appear in your HUD!
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Aurum Assist

Aurum Assist bridges the communication and location gap between subject matter experts and field-deployed professionals.  With the flick of a wrist, or simple click of a mouse, you can connect to any of your field-deployed personnel to help them in the field.  You can see through their eyes and they can communicate with you, providing help and expertise effortlessly.  In fact, you can even interact with the Hololens field of view from your desktop, highlighting or pointing to specific items your technician is looking at.  Aurum Assist is a revolutionary way to keep your team running smoothly and efficiently.


  • Dual GM Detector.  Fully Integrated, Alarm Capable, Tissue Equivalent, Energy Compensated.  Range: 7uR/hr – 10,000R/hr.
  • WiFi Enabled.  Automatically Connects and Transmits all Data to the Aurum Network.
  • RWP Access Control System.  Replaces Current Stationary Systems.  Checks Training and Qualifications.  Can be Configured to be Compatible with SENTINEL.
  • WRC Station.  Streaming Capable Device (see below).
  • Personal Communications Device.  Call Anyone on the Aurum Network From Your Dosimeter.
  • Optional Haptic Feedback.  Maintain Awareness of Workers’ Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, Ambient Temperature, and More.
  • Location Awareness (Coming Q1 2024).  Know MIDAS Locations Within Inches.  MIDAS Knows It’s Location.  Notify Users of Boundaries, Access Control, and Training Issues.

WRC (Wireless Remote Camera) Station

The Aurum WRC Station using MIDAS is a revolutionary way to increase the capability of RCT/HPTs in the field.  Providing a way for field-deployed technicians the ability to cover more work, maintain awareness of workers’ doses, and be where they are needed.

  • Tissue Equivalent, Energy Compensated, GM Detector.
  • Use as an Area Monitor and/or Electronic Dosimeter.
  • Stream One-Way Video and Two-Way Audio.
  • Set Personal Alarm Setpoints.
  • View up to Four WRC Stations per Hololens User.
  • Automatically Connects to the Aurum Network.
  • Increase RCT/HPT Capacity by up to Four Times.
  • Charging Base/Holder to Eliminate Battery Issues.